We offer buiness consulting services for your international business development.

Experience and success stories in Europe, Middle East & Africa, India, LatAm, South East Asia and Australia – New Zealand for your geographical market expansion.

We offer our services for companies in active in cleantech, energy metering technology and EV solutions, and general ICT knowledge such as API integration.

Asking yourself how to start abroad: a green field set-up, a distributor or an acquisition ?
Crucial questions depending on the complexity of your solution offering, gurantee you a certain success rate.

Choose the right partnership immediately !

And how to protect abroad your brand name, your IPO ?
Often a challenge which is usually looked over, and facing over time your local contact ran away with the local registration of your brandname.

Taking into account the cultural aspects, the business code of conduct and other soft skills, we have the experience built up since over 20 years.
The business plan can fit perfect, the code of conduct is as important to grow your business.

As an example, the biggest global retailer withdrawed from the Japanese market after more than 10 years.
The mega store  was not being able to understand and act with the local cultural aspects.

Is international business development your next step ?

Contact us, and let’s make it a success together.